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How We Work

Our Promise

We know good communication is the key to a successful project. From planning through project completion, each phase of the construction process is connected to and guided by a schedule and a budget. Our project team actively manages each project on-site. Through it all, we will carefully inspect the site work to ensure that all is done according to plan and at the highest standards of quality. We will work with you to make ongoing decisions concerning fixtures and finishes, lighting and outlet placement, appliances, landscaping, and paint colors. Our goal is to make your home as comfortable, practical and attractive as you desire, and to source the needed materials at the most favorable cost. We do that by keeping you informed as the project progresses so that you can make timely, prudent decisions at every step of the way.

Our Process

The importance of carefully thinking through a plan to meet your taste, expectations, and budget cannot be over emphasized. There can be many shapes and sizes to your new home. Regardless of whether this is your first or forever home or whether your budget is $100,000 or over a $1,000,000, our process is the same. We strive foremost to understand your needs, goals, and expectations. We adhere to those directives and ensure that they are incorporated in all decisions made throughout the course of the project. The following outline describes our process for construction and renovation:

STEP 1 - Initial Conceptual Meeting

  • Discuss your project. Listen. Understand your vision and the current status of any relevant assets, such as existing structures or lots.

  • Site selection and special conditions.

  • A preliminary budget review that will guide us during cost estimation and design.

STEP 2 - Design & Entitlement

  • Plan review and development

  • Secure permitting (ARB approvals, County, DHEC, etc.)

STEP 3 -Estimating and Bidding

  • Select finishes and fixtures

  • Select tradesmen and vendors

  • Finalize pricing and budgets

STEP 4 - Construction

During this phase, Longfield will provide daily or weekly updates and communication.

  1. Pre-Construction Meeting

    • Site Visit: review site conditions, including soils, topography, home orientation and placement, site amenities

    • Finalize any change orders; modify plans accordingly

    • Finalize the construction schedule

  1. Building Phases

    • Demo (if needed), framing, rough-in, walk through: During this phase of construction or renovation, we walk through the site with you to review framing and make sure you are satisfied with the placement of walls, window/door openings, and/or other applicable assets. We also discuss the layout of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC prior to hanging sheetrock.

    • Final Walk Through: After the construction is complete, we will perform a thorough walk through of the project prior to meeting with the customer. Any quality or design standards that need to be addressed will be done prior to closing the project.

STEP 5 - Home Orientation

    • Prior to closing, we will provide you with all equipment manuals and show you how to operate your new equipment properly.

    • All manufacturer warranties will be provided to you, filled out and filed properly.

    • There are literally hundreds of components in your new home. We will explain how and why you should perform the periodic maintenance required to keep your home as functional today as it should be years into the future.

    • Welcome to your home!